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Lava Rock in Horticulture

Pumice Products Co. has recently started offering its horticultural products to a multinational Hydroponics Company in Kent, UK. Our horticultural Lava Rock grades over the last 6 months have been implemented to several major Growing and Green Roof organisations. This is due to the product quality and how we are more competitively priced against competitors.

Lava Rock Media has been a preferred choice to growers as the product is lightweight, inert, has a neutral pH and can retain 30% of its weight in water. This allows for plants to be fed during dry seasons. Lava Rock Media is also beneficial to plants as its spherical shape allows good aeration around the roots for optimum growth. You can also use the Lava Rock as a single or dual media, depending on the climate and specific plants you desire to grow. We offer 3 main grades as growing medias.

Fine – 1/3mm
Medium – 3/8mm
Coarse – 10/15mm

lava rock horticulture

We can also supply the goods in either 40 litre bags, IBC Bulk bags or loose in bulk depending on your project. For more information, please Contact Us