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Pumice Powder for Paints and Coatings

CR Minerals SafSil® and Navajo Brand pumice grades are widely used in the paint and coatings industry. Both ranges are supplied by Pumice Products Co. and be ordered in small or large quantities. Samples are also available for laboratory tests and trials. The low density and unique particle morphology of the vitreous pumice imparts many desirable properties to paint formulations.


SafSil® Products

SafSil® products are high performance functional fillers that contain less than 0.1 % respirable crystalline silica. SafSil® may be used successfully to replace many common fillers such as ground silica, nepheline syenite, calcium carbonate, and talc. Green paints may be produced with SafSil® because it is an all-natural material. SafSil® is used in both water and solvent borne systems.

Pumice Paints


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