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Pumice for Odour Control

  • Low installation costs
  • Fantastic Removal Performance
  • Tolerance to variable and shock loads
  • Works under a variety of temperatures
  • Suitable for hydrogen sulphide and Mercaptans
  • Suitable for industrial applications

odour control

Pumice Odour Control Media is a granular naturally occurring product that is a suitable alternative to peat/heather, wood chips, plastic media or shells for use in bio-filters, bio-scrubbers and packed towers. It is used to treat odours emanating from sewage treatment works, wastewater treatment works, industrial processes and industrial effluents.Pumice Media is rapidly replacing the traditional biomass support systems of peat/heather, wood chip and mussel shells. Not actively participating in the biological process pumice is not “consumed” in the manner of the alternatives and therefore has a much longer life (typically greater than 15 years). It does not compact and retains its original low pressure drop and hence low running costs.