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Pumice in Water Filtration

  • Lower bulk density
  • Reduced capital cost
  • Neutral pH
  • Saving energy and water during filter backwash
  • Favourable conditions for bacterial growth
  • Increased concentration of biomass

water filtration

Pumice in modern times has been seen to be a cost effective replacement to traditional materials such as anthracite and sand in applications such as; Portable Water Treatments, Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO), Desalination. Pumice can be used for both new and refurbished plants. As pumice is lightweight, operating costs are reduced in Rapid Gravity or Pressure Filters due to the (approximately 30%) backwash requirements. Pumice in water filtration can be used in mono or multi media filters.Potable Water Filtration; pumice filtration media is widely used in multimedia filters to treat potable water intended for human consumption. All our pumice filtration media has British Standard approval (BS EN 12906-2005) and UK Drinking Water Inspectorate approval.

Additionally our pumice filtration media is NSF-61 approved and meets all the chemical and physical testing requirements for AWWA B-100 and DIN EN 12906