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Pumice in Water Filtration

Lower bulk density Reduced capital cost Neutral pH Saving energy and water during filter backwash Favourable conditions for bacterial growth Increased concentration of biomass Pumice in modern times has been seen to be a cost effective replacement to traditional materials…

Pumice for Odour Control

Low installation costs Fantastic Removal Performance Tolerance to variable and shock loads Works under a variety of temperatures Suitable for hydrogen sulphide and Mercaptans Suitable for industrial applications Pumice Odour Control Media┬áis a granular naturally occurring product that is a…

Pumice for Cosmetics

Neutral pH Environmentally Friendly Skin Exfoliant Removes dead skin Technical Specifications Pumice Products have a variety of uses within the cosmetic industry, most famously as a natural exfoliant. The texture of pumice powders and grains allows the skin to feel…